Agencies and Clinics


I represent surrogate firms and agencies that recruit egg donors and surrogates for Intended Parents. I will draft your agreements and advise you about the law regarding surrogacy and egg donation. It is important that Agencies have good service contracts with their Intended Parents and Recipient Parents, as well as with their Surrogates and Egg Donors. I can provide a checklist of issues for you to consider, as well as draft your agency contracts.

It is important to be up to date on the current health insurance and escrow account issues as well as to be aware of the typical compensation levels and other issues included in surrogate and donor agreements with Agencies. I can keep you up to date and help you bring your contracts up to date if you already have them.

I have also been involved with drafting model legislation that governs agencies and can advise you of the current trends in this area.


I have experience drafting consent forms as well as advising clinics about the law for surrogates and donors and embryo donation. If you are a clinic that also recruits donors and/or surrogates for your patients, I can help with the drafting of your agreements with surrogates and donors. I can keep you up to date on the current laws affecting your practice as well.   100% of my practice is representing clients involved in ART.

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